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Hello! I'm Joseph Picone Jr.


I am currently a Graduate Student pursuing my Masters of Architecture at the University of Hartford. In 2014, I received my Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering at the University of Hartford.  During these studies, I have learned valuable skill sets that I am constantly improving upon.  In my third semester, I learned how to work with in a small group of 4 to develop a master plan for a site over 1 million square feet.  I was able to hone my leadership skills and steer our group to success. Our design and thorough analysis of the site proved to be one of the most comprehensive proposals. During this time, I used my skills in time management, planning, and design to improve upon our already successful master plan. 

Prior to attending the University of Hartford, I attended Capital Community College.  It was during this time that I discovered my ambition to pursue a career in architecture.  I’ve always been fascinated with shapes and spaces.  While a student there, I took courses in architectural history, drafting, and building codes.  These courses helped build the foundation for my future in architecture.

Throughout my entire academic career, I have worked full time as a sales representative.  Each semester, I learned how to manage my time more efficiently.  This life lesson has taught me to have great pride in my work.

I believe with my talents and knowledge; we can accomplish success.